Agile, responsive and powerful, our aircraft Slingsby Firefly T-67C, with its clear bubble canopy, side-be-side seats and two sets of stick and rudder,  is the perfect choice to fulfil your wildest flying dream!

Pilot for a day   ——  aeroplane

Want to realize your pilot dream? Now Aero Tigre offers you a chance to experience the magic of flight and see the world from this incredible new aerial perspective! Come to Aero Tigre and YOU are the pilot of a day!


 Pilot for a day CROSSOVER —- Aeroplane + Helicopter

Want the ultimate experience of flying both airplane and helicopter in the same day?Cooperating with our partner Helico Pro, Aero Tigre offers you “Pilot for a day – Crossover” package!                                                                            


Montreal Bird’s Eye View

Fly in our Slingsby Firefly T-67C with its special bubble canopy design and absorb in the panorama view of all the landmarks of the city that you cannot miss: the old port, Olympic stadium, Mont Royal, Biodome, St. Lawrence River, la Ronde, the silhouette of the city line in the sunset and so much more!