Pilot for a day

Pilot for a Day (non-aerobatic flight)  

Have you always dreamt to be a pilot when you were little, when you made those paper airplanes with such earnest and obsession? Have you always wondered the view of the world from way above? Have you ever wished to trade places with the birds, roaming the sky so freely and lightheartedly?

Now Aero Tigre offers you a chance to experience the magic of flight and see the world from this incredible new aerial perspective! Come to Aero Tigre and YOU are the pilot of a day! Our experienced ex-fighter pilot instructor will show you the ropes of flying. Our program is customized to your specifications and requirements. After a 40 minutes ground course and briefing, you will fly hand-on under the guidance of your flight instructor. Take-off, glide, turn, landing, you can live your flying dream to the fullest in the 30 minutes flight! You will also receive a Pilot of a Day certificate after debrief with your flight instructor.

Aero Tigre is looking forward to help realize your flying dream!

AircraftSlingsby Firefly T-67C
Aircraft ControlYou fly!
Flight TimeUp to 30 minutes
Ground Instruction Time70 minutes
Adventure Duration1 to 2 hours
Number of Flight1
Flight profileCustomized!
PriceCAD $295.00 + TAXES
Description• No Flight Experience Required. • Flight Certificate is complimentary with purchase.