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For Mike “Hammer” Hamel, flying is what defines him. Ever since he first stepped in a Beechcraft Musketeer when he’s 19, aviation has become his life-long passion.

He joined the Canadian Air Force and worked his way up to become an F-18 fighter pilot, during which time he also served as Instructor Pilot, Check Pilot, Standard Training Officer, Flight Weapons Instructor as well as Aerobatic Instructor.

After 9 successful years of service in Canadian Air Force, Mike joined Bombardier Canadair as Instructor Pilot, Check Pilot and Aerobatic Instructor training different Air Force military squadrons. That’s when he first flew Slingsby Firefly T-67C, a British build high-performance aerobatic aircraft which served as the official Canadian Air Force pilot training aircraft at that time.

In 1996, Mike switched runway to the world of airline piloting. He started from the right seat of Airbus 310. During the following 16 years, he flew all over the world for different airlines as the captain of Airbus 310, Airbus 300-600, Boeing 727 and Boeing 747-400.

Now, back to where everything started, Mike “the Hammer” is all-in for starting his own pilot school Aero Tigre in Montreal Canada, to share his passion with anyone interested in flying. As a Class 1 Aerobatic Instructor, with his extended experience in aviation, Mike “Hammer” Hamel is ready to introduce you to the hair raising world of flying aerobatic and air combat maneuvers in the original Slingsby Firefly T-67C.


TOTAL FLIGHT TIME:                                                                                         15,561 HRS

SINGLE ENGINE / TWIN ENGINE PROPELLER:                                            3,010 HRS

Including: B19, C-23, B-55, C-172, C-152, PA-30, CT134A, T67C, C-404, C-411, C-310

HIGH PERFORMANCE:                                                                                        1,340 HRS

Including: F-18, F-5, Tutor (CT-114)

JET TRANSPORT:                                                                                               11,211 HRS

Including: B-727, A-310, A-300/600, B-747-400




Yuanfang YU (Iris) joined the team in May 2013, as co-founder and Administrative Director of Aero Tigre. Iris is directly involved with all aspects of corporate development, including administration, training program development, regulatory compliance oversight and multimedia strategy. Iris’s degree of master of education lends her insight on training course development, while her experience working for international organization allows her to work with clients with different backgrounds and anticipate their needs. Iris is fluent in Chinese and English, and has working knowledge of French.










After a full 32-year career in the Canadian Air Force flying military jets (CT114, CT133, CF-5, CF-104 and C-18) Denis Mercier joined Bombardier to become an instructor on the Challenger 604 Business Jet training program.  Denis achieved Check Airman and Training Center Evaluator status under FAA and JAA Regulations.  He eventually became the Manager of the Bombardier Aerospace Training Center, Montreal, overseeing the Challenger 604/605, the Global Express/XRS and the Canadair Regional Jet 100/900 training programs.

After 7 years at Bombardier an opportunity opened up to join one of Canada’s largest business aviation department and he became the Manager Pilot Training at Skyservice, based in Montreal.  Over there he flew Challenger 601, 604 and 605 as well as qualifying as a Transport Canada Approved Check Pilot executing hundreds of check rides over 8 years.

In January 2016 Denis retired from full-time employment. With his more than 5000 flying hours as a military and corporate pilot as well as his background in instructing and checking, “Murk” (his call sign), is well suited to join Aero Tigre ICAO approved Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) program as a Class 2 Aerobatic Instructor.



– Transport Canada Class 2 Aerobatic Instructor

– Upset Prevention And Recovery Training (UPRT) Instructor

– Psyco-Physiological Flight Instructor (UPRT)

– Airplane and Flight Coordinator





–  Accepted at CQFA Civil Aviation College at age 17.
–  Graduated from CQFA Civil Aviation College in 1983.
– Graduated from Canadian Air Force 2 CFFTS “Wings” course in 1986 with Best Flying Achievements Award.
– Graduated from Canadian Air Force Basic Fighter Pilot course in 1987 with Best Flying Achievements Award amongst First Tour Pilots.
–  Graduated from Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet course in 1987.
– CF-18 Hornet Combat Ready Training and Operational tour with 433 Squadron at CFB Bagotville (1988-90) (secondary Duties: Standardization of Operating Procedures for a new CF-18 Squadron and “War Plans” Standards Officer.)
–  CF-18 Hornet Instructor Pilot tour with 410 Squadron at CFB Cold Lake (1990-94) (secondary duties: Standards and Operations Officer.)
– Selected as “Team Canada” member for William Tell Fighter Weapons International Competition (Tyndall Air Force Base, 1992.)

–   Joined Cathay Pacific Airways in Hong Kong in 1994 (B-747-400)
–   Joined Bombardier Aerospace as a Global Express Instructor Pilot in 2002
–   Joined NCA in 2005 (B-747-200/400)
–   Contract (Part time) Instructor Pilot on Global Express (2005-2010)
–   Corporate Pilot on Global Express and Global 6000 Vision since 2010

Total Time: 10,371 “accident free” hours and counting
1,600 CF-18 sorties

CF-18, F-5, Tutor:      2299 hrs

Global Express:          1562 hrs

B-747-400:                  5668 hrs

B-747-200:                   547 hrs


B-47, B-206 Helicopters: 150 hrs


Musketeers, C-172, PA-34: 138hrs





– Transport Canada Class 2 Aerobatic Instructor

– Transport Canada Class 1 Instructor (airplane)

– FAA Part 121 Examiner

– FAA Examiner (TCE)

– EASA Examiner (SFE)

– Bombardier Montreal Training Center Deputy Chief Instructor (Challenger 605/650)