You set the stage! –—– Each flight profile is customized to your specifications from mild to wild. You can take the controls yourself or ask our fighter pilot to do all the flying. Fly air show maneuvers such as loops, hammerheads, inverted flight, Cuban eight, spins and many more!

25 minutes “Flight of a Lifetime” Aerobatic Power Ride   ——  Basic Manoeuvres

If you’re excited about flying aerobatics but don’t want to take the controls,  then AeroTigre’s 25 minutes Power Ride is the one for you!


35 minutes “Adrenaline Rush” Aerobatic Adrenaline Ride —— Intermediate Manoeuvres

Already have some aerobatic knowledge and need an adrenaline fix? Aero Tigre’s 35 minutes Adrenaline Ride will give you an adrenaline rush of a screaming airborne roller coaster!


45 minutes “Thrill of a Lifetime” Aerobatic Thrill Ride —- Advanced Manoeuvres

For those who would love to fly an aerobatic aircraft hands-on under the guidance of an experienced Class 1 aerobatic instructor, AeroTigre’s 45 minutes Thrill Ride definitely delivers an experience to last a life time.                                                                               


10 hours Aerobatic Competency Course

Want to be a better and safer pilot? Aero Tigre’s Aerobatic Competency Course will sharpen your reflexes, build self-confidence and enhance your flying skills.  Join us and  experience the thrill of rolling and turning free in the sky!