Aerobatics Power Ride – 25 minutes

 “Flight of a Lifetime” Aerobatic Power Ride    —–   Basic Manoeuvres



AircraftSlingsby Firefly T-67C
Aircraft ControlYour ride, our pilot flies!
Flight TimeUp to 25 minutes
Ground Instruction Time70 minutes
Adventure Duration2 to 3 hours
Number of Flight1
Aerobatic Manoeuvres• Turn/Rudder Exercise; • Aileron Roll; • Barrel Roll; • Slow Roll; • Loop; • Hammerhead (Stall Turn); • Lazy Eight;
PriceCAD $ 345.00 + TAXES
Description• No Flight Experience Required. • In-flight video available for purchase. • Flight Certificate is complimentary with purchase.


Come and experience the “Flight of a Lifetime!” We deliver both a scenic ride and the adrenalin rush of a screaming airborne roller coaster. AeroTigre lets you experience the exciting manoeuvers usually reserved for air-show and fighter pilots: rolls, loops, hammerhead turns, and so much more!

 If you’re excited about flying aerobatics but don’t want to take the controls,  then AeroTigre’s “Flight of a Lifetime” aerobatic power ride package definitely delivers an experience to last a life time.

Our package offers:

1. 30 minutes of ground instruction and briefing: you will be introduced to the various aerobatic maneuvers by our experienced Class 1 aerobatic instructor, Mike “Hammer” Hamel, who is an ex-Canadian Air Force F-18 fighter pilot. You will also have a chance to familiarize yourself with our aircraft, Slingsby Firefly T-67C, which served as the former Canadian Air Force pilot training aircraft.

2. Up to 25 minutes of aerobatic flight: Your ride will be tailored to suit you. We’ll start out with a couple of nice, easy maneuvers. If you love the thrill and want more, we are here to give you the thrill of a lifetime!  If, on the other hand, you find that you are more comfortable with a more “normal” type of flight, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery.YOU CHOOSE HOW FAR YOU WANT TO GO!

3. 40 minutes’ debrief:  During debrief, the instructor will give an overview of your accomplishments, play the in-flight video for all to view. A DVD of your flight video will be available for purchase as the most precious souvenir.

 If you’ve never seen the world from upside-down, this is your chance. Come be a part of our heart pounding sky dance at AeroTigre!

Some important tips will help you make the most of your ride:

  • Don’t stress about getting sick. Nearly everyone returns from the flight with a huge smile. Very few people experience more than mild discomfort.
  • Make sure that you eat something an hour or two before your flight. I don’t recommend burritos, biscuits and gravy, pizza, etc., but don’t arrive on an empty stomach. Have a light meal or snack—you’ll feel better.
  • STAY HYDRATED. Drink plenty of water (club soda, carbonated water, ginger ale, and 7 Up® are also good) before your flight. You’ll be in the air for about 30 minutes, and you’ll feel much better if you’re not dehydrated.
  • ARRIVE RESTED. Don’t party hard the night before your flight. A glass of wine or a beer is fine with dinner the previous day, but save the celebration until after the flight.
  • Wear comfortable, casual clothes and shoes.  Long pants are best (no shorts or skirts).  Sunglasses will make your trip more enjoyable.  Sneakers are the best shoes (thongs, clogs, boots aren’t allowed).
  • Be prepared to empty your pockets and leave the camera behind at the hangar.  We don’t want loose articles flying inside the cockpit.
  • Your friends and family are welcome to join you at the airport, but they won’t see your flight (except the takeoff and landing). Transport Canada regulations and safety require us to fly away from the airport to do aerobatics.
  • We can fly only when the weather cooperates. We need a ceiling of at least 4000 ft AGL and visibility of at least 5 miles to perform aerobatics safely. If there’s any doubt about the weather on the day of your flight, I’ll let you know.