Aerobatics Competency Course

Aerobatic Competency Course


AircraftSlingsby Firefly T-67C
Aircraft ControlYou fly!
Flight TimeUp to 10 hours in-flight training
Ground Instruction Time15 hours
Course DurationUp to you!
Number of Flight10
PrerequisitesRP, PPL, CPL, or ATPL
PricePlease contact for quote
Description• No Aerobatic Flight Experience Required. • Inflight Video available. • Comprehensive Ground School Course; • Tailored in-flight training and instructor-kit to help you prepare for the flight test and exams;

Without question, aerobatic competency will make you a better pilot.  It will expose you to the entire flight envelope and build your confidence when dealing with the unexpected.  It will take you out of the high-tech instrument panels that pilots are becoming dependent on and return you to optimal stick and rudder flying skills.

Try our 10 hour Aerobatic Competency course, the most fun you will ever experience in an airplane! Experience the thrill of rolling and turning free in the sky. It will sharpen your reflexes, build self-confidence and enhance your flying skills to make you a better and safer pilot.

Our highly experienced ex-military fighter pilot instructor strives to build the confidence of the students incrementally to get them comfortable with handling the aircraft in all phases of flight and in any flight attitude. So, whether you are a pilot with a little or a lot of flying experience, or simply avid aviation enthusiast who has never flown a plane but would like to understand aerobatics better, you have come to the right place!

Aerotigre’s aerobatic course is divided into 10 blocks, with each block designed to teach a specific family of maneuvers working from basic maneuvers in Block 1 to more advanced aerobatic flight in Block 10. Each course block below includes 60 minutes of in-flight training and 90 minutes of ground instruction, pre-flight briefing and debrief after flight. We can, and usually do, customize our training programs to best suit your individual needs, timetable and experience levels.

10 blocks


Our main goal is to develop your instincts by creating excellent habits that will keep you out of trouble in an emergency. We look forward to teaching you the art of flying aerobatics and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to inspire you to become a better and safer pilot; no matter what your experience level currently is. So even if you have never flown aerobatics before we will be very patient with you and work with you until you get it.

Buckle up and watch the world whirl by! Come be a part of our heart pounding sky dance at AeroTigre!